I Love Walter McCarty

Many people often ask, who is Walter McCarty? Was he really a true baller? The answer, simply, is no. Walter McCarty was not just a baller. He was only the most ball so hard dude ever to play the game of basketball. You see, Walter didn’t just go out there and ball. No, he didn’t get down like that. Didn’t have time. Couldn’t be bothered. No, Walter reserved his balltastic ability only to do the most ballin ass shit necessary… and that’s it. Walter didn’t take the ball in, he posterized every single dude he ever crossed in the paint. Threes? No, Walter didn’t shoot threes. He shot clutch threes. That’s it. If its not crunchtime, you might as well pass the ball to somebody else cause Walter ain’t interested. Now, game on the line, deep in the fourth quarter, and you need somebody to effortlessly drop in a go-ahead cornerball? Yeah, Walter’s got you covered on that one. Cushhhhhh. I LOVE WALTAH!

Just another day at the office for Walter McCarty.